Pre-VFX / Setting up our "Home made Pipeline"

In our mind we wanted to jump ahead and start animating and rendering seahorses right after our rough cut, everything sounded so easy but, of course. It wasn't! If we had only few shots everything would have been a different story but of course we went very ambitious with our first short film and have roughly 100vfx shots! There is a lot of set up work that has to happen before the actual nice VFX take place, converting all the plates, labeling everything, set up a "pipeline", gathering a team etc. Below are some examples of the things we had to do before starting with the visual effects:

VFX shotlist We had a very simple structure but along the process we realized the need of having a very clean and organized way to track every shot per departments, otherwise it's almost impossible to keep track of anything. We tried few apps for organization but realized for our type of project simple apps like google drive were perfect for what we needed

Plate pulls-Preparing plates for VFX This is a document below comes from our VFX editor, it contains all the information of every single VFX shot. All the reposition, rescales, retimes have to be applied to our raw plates and converted properly for our VFX artitst. This process required more time than we anticipated.

Review work process In order to review work we decided to use a great app called Frame IO, where the work can be uploaded based on departments and reviews can be submitted.

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