A lonely old man with an obsession for training seahorses tries to achieve an unimaginable trick when his past comes back to haunt him.

Seamour is a lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses. Desperate to have his most prized seahorse perform an ambitious trick, the final day of training has come and he must see the stunt come to life. But when the hourglass turns, Seamour realizes he needs to overcome something from his troubled past to achieve his magnum opus.


The Seahorse Trainer

DCP / HD - Audio: 5: 1 / Stereo
World Premiere: SIFF -23 May 2019
Short FIlm - Live Action
We believe in Cinema as a powerful medium for exploring out of the box ideas and the fascinating world of magical realism in film allows for unconventional and bizarre stories to exist. "The Seahorse Trainer" is our attempt at introducing the viewer to an unusual narrative using the world of a peculiar character and his unique obsession. As visual effects artists who work on blockbuster movies daily, it was important for us to break the mould and create something that does not fit within the category of mainstream storytelling.

Inspired by the likes of Terry Gilliam, David Lynch and Jean Pierre Juenet, we took a surreal approach when writing the script and introduced metaphorical elements that can be interpreted in different ways. The purpose of this film is to spark a conversation and let the audience decide for themselves what each story point represents and ultimately what the film means to them.   

Visually we were motivated by Juenet’s “Delicatessen” and Gilliam’s “City of Lost Children” where the use of saturated palettes and wide lenses take us farther away from the real world and into a fantasy realm. We associate this visual style with something one might see in a dream, which is representative of our protagonist’s fantastical ambitions.

“The Seahorse Trainer” is intended for an audience that likes to be challenged and craves to break out of a safe zone when it comes to storytelling and cinematic visuals. We hope you might fall within this category and enjoy the film!