Seahorse updates

February 28, 2018

Finally we can finally say that we are 100% in the VFX production stage!
It took a bit of time to set things up and and to find the right team. We were lucky to gather some incredibly talented artists that are sharing their support creating 3D models, textures, rigging, animation,cameras and lighting tests. Shots with CG wi...

January 3, 2018

In our mind we wanted to jump ahead and start animating and rendering seahorses right after our rough cut, everything sounded so easy but, of course. It wasn't! If we had only few shots everything would have been a different story but of course we went very ambitious with our first short film and have roughly 100vfx shots!...

December 18, 2017

Since the shooting for our film was completed, we have been focused on putting together our first rough cut with the help of our amazing editor Holly Pavlik. It was very nice to see our story put together for the first time. We came across some challenges, like how abstract was telling the story without any seahorses, so we...

September 3, 2017

After 4 very intense but fun days, we successfully finished filming all the shots of the Seahorse Trainer. It was a great experience, we had the pleasure of having an amazing and talented crew that made the whole process very smooth. We were also lucky to work with our actor John R. Tylor, who showed all of us his majestic...

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